<![CDATA[My Site - Blog]]>Wed, 24 Feb 2016 09:51:51 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[South of the border - the "dit" name strikes again]]>Thu, 05 Jun 2014 12:22:58 GMThttp://tdfugere.weebly.com/blog/south-of-the-boarder-the-dit-name-strikes-again*Le sigh*  Dit names can be confusing when a family never leaves Canada, but add in a move to the Lower 48, and name changes can be quite frustrating.

In general, the dit name is an addition used to differentiate one family from another with the same name.  It can also be added for landed/titled persons.  In the Fugère clan we have several:
Fugère dit Champagne - Edmé's line, Champagne added to differentiate him from Pierre's family
Fugère dit Aunis - Louis's line, Aunis added to differentiate him from Pierre and Edmé

Dit names can also be pronunciation variation or changes:
Fugère dit Fisher for the line of Fugères that moved to MI and adopted a phonetically similar variant.

Tonight I ran across a new one!
A set of Fugère brothers moved from Champlain, QC to Belknap county, NH and adopted Brake as their surname.  Brake is a literal translation of 'fougere.'  Generally it means fern, but can also be used for fernery, bracken, or brake.

I happened across this variant while searching records on Mocavo.  One marriage record just happened to list both Fugere and Brake and I couldn't figure out why :)
<![CDATA[TIMA 5/1 & 5/2]]>Fri, 02 May 2014 09:29:18 GMThttp://tdfugere.weebly.com/blog/tima-31-321 May
1601 - 10th great grandfather Nathaniel Merrill was born
1624 - 11th great grandmother Mary Blacksoll (Nathaniel's mom) was buried
1645 - 9th great grandfather Jean Noël Côté was baptised
1662 - 8th great grandfather Jonathan Fairbanks was born
1688 - 10th great grandfather Mathurin Masta died
1743 - 7th great grandfather Jean-Baptiste Nantel was born
1748 - 9th great grandmother Françoise Hunault-Deschamps died
1801 - 7th great grandmother Marie Josephe Turcotte died
1831 - 5th great grandmother Marie Angélique Judith Vimont-Jolibois died
1858 - 2nd great grandfather Albert Louis Randall was born

2 May
1633 - 8th great grandfather Mathurin Chaillé was baptised
1707 - 9th great grandparents Joseph Vaillancourt and Charlotte Mulouin were married
1713 - 8th great grandparents François Sarrazin and  Marie Madeleine Goulet were married
1760 - 7th great grandfather Joseph Picard was buried
1763 - 8th great grandfather Louis Blain-Habelin died
1774 - 8th great grandmother Anne Marie Gauthier died

<![CDATA[Today in my Ancestry 4-29/4-30]]>Wed, 30 Apr 2014 06:52:22 GMThttp://tdfugere.weebly.com/blog/today-in-my-ancestry-4-294-3029 Apr
1544 - 13th great grandfather Richard Gawkroger died prior to this date, when heriot was paid by his family.
1653 - 9th great grandparents Louis Couillard-Lepine and Geneviève Despres were married
1700 - 8th great grandparents Guillaume Roussel-Sansoucy and Nicole Philias-Filiatrault were married
1760 - 6th great grandmother Marie Josephe Duclos was born

30 April
1608 - 12th great grandmother Renée Brière died
1662 - 8th great grandmother Nicole Philias-Filiatrault was born
1696 - 8th great grandfather Jacques Therrien was born
1720 - 7th great grandmother Agathe Bodquin-St
1723 - 9th great grandfather Jacques Chevalier was born
1733 - 7th great grandparents Charles Roy & Marie Anne Mignault-Châtillon were married
1767 - 6th great grandmother Marie Charlotte Forget-Depatie died
1800 - 6th great grandmother Marie Josephte Desforges-St-Maurice was born
<![CDATA[Today in my ancestry - 4/21]]>Mon, 28 Apr 2014 12:20:02 GMThttp://tdfugere.weebly.com/blog/today-in-my-ancestry-421Back dating this one, which is MY birthday :) (along with QE II and Iggy Pop, amongst others)
21 April
1621 - 10th great grandmother Joyce Cornish died
1637 - 10th great grandparents Pierre Boutrez and Philipotte Verogue were married
1649 - 10th great grandmother Jeanne Mullard died
1670 - 10th great grandmother Jacquette Vieau-
Touraude was buried
1701 - 9th great grandparents Jurian Quick and Rebecca Tietsoort were married
1701 - 7th great grandfather Etienne Brunsard-Langevin was born
1703 - 10th great grandfather Etienne de Lessard was buried
1738 - 5th great grandfather Jean Baptiste Durand-Marchet-Chartier was baptised
1771 - 7th great grandfather Louis Paris-Madeleine died
1772 - 8th great grandfather Jean Baptiste Allard was buried
1795 - 4th great grandfather George Fairbanks was born
1818 - 5th great grandmother Marie Angelique Nault died
1822 - 3rd great grandmother Marie Chartier was born
1834 - 3rd great grandparents William Ballentine & Jane Graham were married
1845 - 3rd great grandparents George Forris Fairbanks & Margaret L. Neal were married
<![CDATA[Today in My Ancestry]]>Mon, 28 Apr 2014 11:58:36 GMThttp://tdfugere.weebly.com/blog/today-in-my-ancestryIn an effort to make myself blog more regularly, I'm starting a little feature called "Today in My Ancestry" - my version of "today in history."  This will feature events that happened on this day in the history of my ancestors (which may not be of any interest to anyone but me! lol)
28 April
1554 - 14th great grandmother, Cecily Grey was buried
1612 - 11th great grandmother Agnes Wraske died

1666 - 8th great grandfather Andre Corbeil-Tranchemontagne was born

1678 - 8th great grandfather Andre Gauthier was baptised
1681 - 8th great grandmother Elisabeth Valiquette married first husband, Antoine Dupre-Rochefort
1688 - 9th great grandfather John Mayo died
1688 - 9th great grandmother Marie Poudrett-Lavigne married 1st husband, Joseph Chapacou-Pacaud
1710 - 8th great grandparents, Joseph Bazinet-Tourblanche and Anne Marie Senecal were married
1714 - 7th great grandparents Dominique Dubord-Fontaine & Francoise Turcotte were married
<![CDATA[Fun with Maps!]]>Thu, 03 Apr 2014 09:35:01 GMThttp://tdfugere.weebly.com/blog/fun-with-mapsPicture
A mostly-complete map showing distribution of my European ancestors.  Sometimes I only have country of origin, so there should actually be some more markers in Germany, England, Ireland, and Wales.  Out of frame are markers in the Canary Islands, and Stockholm, Sweden.  The blue marker is the village of my surname ancestor - Pierre Fougère - from Verrières, Angoumois (Charente), France.  See the live version of my ancestor map HERE.

More fun with maps: The New York Public Library has published 20,000 high res historical maps online with free access!

<![CDATA[Huguenot Fougere line?]]>Mon, 13 Jan 2014 08:58:45 GMThttp://tdfugere.weebly.com/blog/huguenot-fougere-linePicture
So this weekend I discovered that there was a French Huguenot by the name of Pierre Fougère (aka Faugère).  He was at Frenchtown (RI), a Huguenot settlement active from 1686-1691.  He married Anne Jaulin/Jolin there in May 1688; their son Pierre was baptized there the following March.  A daughter, Isabeau, followed in 1691, and was baptised in the Huguenot church in NYC in 1694 (image).

Baptism - Today, Sunday (the) third of April, 1694 after the morning activities, baptized in this church by Monsieur Perret minister, Isabeau, daughter of Pierre Fougere and of Anne Jaulin, born 28 March 1691; presented for baptism by Etienne Lavigne and Elisabeth Pinet, godfather and godmother, who have declared not to know how to sign. - Peiret, minister.

I've sent an inquiry off to The Huguenot Society of America.  Pierre does not appear in their list of ancestors, so I don't know if either child survived.  Hoping to secure additional detail about this family!